my first adwords campaign with Google Analytics integration

Results…I haven’t been able to produce any results yet. I’m always learning more about how to combine the power of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

I’ve tried a small Adwords campaign focused just on Pittsburgh. While I’m sure there is a ton of civic pride that I should be able to tap into for my client, it hasn’t clicked yet. I’m going to keep split testing more broad range ads and ad groups with something more local. It will succeed. From everything I’ve been reading, it doesn’t happen overnight.

I’m also trying to get more complex with my understanding of all the functionalities Google Adwords and Analytics have to offer. Yesterday I combined some of my Adwords groups and developed my first remarketing list. My client gets traffic on it’s own outside of Adwords, so I created one smart and one segmented list.

Wish me luck!

We’re also getting ready to move into the new apartment. So, as usual, there is a lot going on. :-)


HUGE props to State Senator Jay Costa!

State Senator Jay Costa is the Democratic Leader Representing the 43rd District in Pennsylvania. It is the district that includes downtown Pittsburgh. He is a superb community leader for everything that Pittsburgh needs…he even held a telephone community meeting tonight (Here is the link to monitor for future meetings! It was while I was at work unfortunately so I couldn’t attend…I miss SO much due to my work schedule!).

He recently posted an extremely true and great article on his Twitter account:

Senator Costa Twitter















and I responded:

my twitter response to senator costa










I was able to have a conversation with a rep from his office about my concerns about downtown Pittsburgh. It was a frank conversation about the fact that…as many downtown Pittsburgh resident friends of mine have said…downtown retail is BROKEN. Downtown has one of the highest amounts of residents of any nearby neighborhood (12,604 according to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership for the area encompassing the Golden Triangle and parts of the North Side, uptown and the Strip District) but has trouble supporting a modern way for residents to get necessities like groceries. A friend of mine that is trying to put a traditional grocery store in the Golden Triangle recently got told by a downtown Pittsburgh civic organization to not even try.

We have chosen to move to a larger apartment in Uptown so we could be closer to our car. It’s the only way we will be able to get what we need to support our (hopefully) growing family. We tried to live in Pittsburgh without a car…but once you decide to have a child it’s impossible.

I appreciate Senator Costa taking the time to document my concerns and hopefully he will use them to continue to improve the state of residential infrastructure in downtown. I hope you will support him in all his efforts moving forward.

PS. I have been learning a lot over the last few months about the politics that control downtown. I – along with a lot of people that pay attention – have the opinion that downtown politics are a fractured, disorganized mess that hasn’t caught up with the current positive climate of growth. It’s also a shame that the city’s fortunes have changed so dramatically over such a short period of time…from virtual bankruptcy to a sought after hub of the modern urbanism movement. That drastic change has the city reaping the benefits of an updated and growing tax base…without putting much real thought into varying the retail side of the tax windfall.



12 Peers Theater’s Fifth Anniversary Fundraiser Featuring the Pittsburgh Monologue Project

After a 3 year hiatus, 12 Peers Theater will once again go back into the Pittsburgh Monologue Project archives to bring you an evening of monologues about sports and the arts in Pittsburgh. With performances by some of our most frequent Peers, as well as special guests, Richard Rauh and playwright Brad Keller.

There will also be light Hors d’oeuvre and a cash bar provided by Hough’s as well as a silent auction.


Emerging Professionals Happy Hour: February

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Emerging Professionals Happy Hour: February
February 18 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Join GBA’s Emerging Professionals group for its bi-monthly happy hour for fun, networking, and drinks!

Every other month, GBA’s Emerging Professionals (EP) group gathers at a local bar for a networking happy hour. Join the group for a drink or two, and you’ll develop a network of young professionals in the green building industry and make new friends… and you just might find a new watering hole!

This month, we’ll be meeting at Poros (address and map below) for our Happy Hour, and if time permits, we will go ice skating at PPG Place afterward.

Also consider joining the EPs at their bi-monthly planning meetings (see our events calendar) to help plan volunteer projects, green building tours, and other networking events!

Want to get even more involved? The EP group often has leadership positions available. Check out the EP page here.

FYI: This event is free, and participants just pick up their own tabs.

Join us!


Brunch at the Big Idea Bookstore

Join us for a buffet-style brunch at The Big Idea!

$5-$10 Suggested Donation

This community event is part of a month-long series for The Big Idea Little Fundraiser. Donations help us to launch The Little Idea satellite shop at Bloomcraft. Past/present/future friends & family welcome. Also check out our Indiegogo Campaign: