Sorgatron Media Coffee: Drink Chat Create

Join our monthly meetup where we invite fellow creators across the Sorgatron Media network and our friends to drink some Black Forge Coffee House and chat about what we’re up to and what we want to do in video, podcasting, social media and more!

The PIGDA Arcade: Games crafted by Pittsburgh game developers

Games crafted by Pittsburgh game developers
June 3 – July 10, 2016

Play some of the best new games from the diverse Pittsburgh game development community. Join the Pittsburgh International Game Developers Association (Pittsburgh IGDA) in the Lantern Building for a month-long exhibit and Open Arcade showcasing the organizations and developers that are building unique games and play experiences throughout the region and across the world. Games are free to play and open to the public.

The Lantern Building
600 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Three Rivers Art Festival hours:
June 3 – 12, 11am – 8pm

Gallery hours after une 12:
Gallery Hours
Wednesday + Thursday 11am – 6pm
Friday + Saturday 11am – 8pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm
Free Admission

Behind-the-Scenes: Energy Innovation Center

Join Green Building Alliance for a look at this incredibly unique and historically significant building which incorporates adaptive reuse, energy efficiency, and integrated design.

Join Green Building Alliance for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) with Tom Bartnik, executive director of Pittsburgh Green Innovators. The EIC is a non-profit organization aiming to align workforce development and education, develop and demonstrate technology, and incubate businesses to support emerging clean and sustainable energy markets.

Through a public-private partnership, several stakeholders worked for years to transform the historic Connelley School into a LEED Platinum beacon for clean, efficiency, and sustainable energy solutions. Located in Pittsburgh’s Lower Hill District this 180,000 square foot building functions as a ‘living laboratory’ for industry-informed education and training programs and a center that co-locates diverse tenants, including energy sector corporations, national energy research laboratories, political and community leaders, economic development organizations, and leading academic institutions.

Tom Bartnik was part of this building’s transformation and he will share details of the renovation, the building’s green features, and how its design and operations will help the EIC and its tenants serve their missions moving forward. This building also offers a great local example of how building owners can work to achieve LEED for Core & Shell (LEED-CS) and and set the framework for tenants who wish to pursue LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) to ensure that both parties play a role in efficient building operations.  Learn more details about the building here.


8:30 – 8:45 – Guests arrive, network, grab coffee and snacks.

8:45 – 9:00 – Building overview and Q&A with Tom Bartnik.

9:00 – 10:00 – Building tour.

1.Learn about the goals of the Energy Innovation Center and how its aim for LEED-CS Platinum can help it achieve its mission of supporting clean and sustainable energy markets.
2.Gain insight into the relationship of building owners who pursue LEED-CS, and how the integrative design process helps them achieve this goal.
3.Discover how the LEED process has helped the project team achieve goals of both energy efficiency and historic preservation (the EIC  is on the National Register of Historic Places).
4.Hear feedback on the design process to understand how this combination of public-private partnership and mission-oriented tenants helped informed the LEED-CS process.

More information at this link!

Krissten Holley’s Just Add Water Party

If you like to clean, you will love Norwex. If you don’t like to clean, you will REALLY love Norwex.

All you need to clean your home with….is WATER. These cloths are infused with SILVER (which is antibacterial) and the Norwex cloths pick up EVERYTHING they come in contact with!

Norwex has a wide range of other products that are useful in all parts of your house too!

Clean your windows, mirrors, fixtures, glass shower doors and so much more with just water and 2 cloths! It’s amazing!!

If you can not attend the party here is the link you can directly order for Krissten’s party! If you want to look at the products a head of time you can also do that.

KDKA reflecting my concerns about Pittsburgh

There have been two recent KDKA stories that have absolutely reflected some of my worries about my beloved Pittsburgh.

Will the luxury apartment boom go bust was published on April 20th, 2016. Andy Sheehan makes the same points a lot of downtown residents have been making for years…and takes it one step further. I think the most important statements in Mr. Sheehan’s story are:

“[Hoddy] Hanna, of Howard Hanna Real Estate, says much of the luxury apartment boom here in Pittsburgh and in cities nationwide is being fueled by easy financing and unrealistic expectations.

Hanna says much of the job growth in the city has leveled off, and another burst of employment will be needed to sustain the boom.

“There’s going to be a bubble somewhere in the rental housing market in the next year and half,” he says.

So, will it be a boom or a bust? Right now, this luxury apartment boom shows no signs of abating, but only time will tell if this will be the first wave or the last one.”

I know many people that live in – or near – downtown and they all say the same thing. It’s part of the call for regulation from some corners of the city. How can the luxury apartment boom continue when most of the jobs being created are service oriented for the restaurant scene?

The next article that caught my attention was about improved transportation between downtown and Oakland:

Planners seek to reduce traffic congestion between downtown and Oakland was published on April 23, 2016 by KDKA’s Ed Blazina.

It starts with a pretty interesting statement on the local transportation infrastructure:

“What started as separate transit and development projects in Downtown Pittsburgh, Uptown and Oakland are coming together as a sort of master plan for the future of transit in those areas.”

So…let me get this straight. Money is pouring into the city thanks to developers – from all over the country – with little to no improvement in the civic infrastructure to support it. The article goes on to say:

“City of Pittsburgh Senior Planner Jusin] Miller said in an interview Friday that among the ideas under discussion are:

• Rerouting buses Downtown to make it easier for riders to go from a bus to the T or to a bus that uses one of the three current dedicated busways. There would be common stations or stops all would use, and current difficult turns would be eliminated to decrease congestion.

• Turning one lane of Sixth Avenue, Downtown, into an outbound bus lane to move buses through Downtown quicker.

• Changing the Boulevard of the Allies in Uptown from essentially a limited-access highway with no connection to the neighborhood into a boulevard with sidewalks overlooking the Monongahela River.

• Creating an inbound bus lane on Fifth Avenue between Oakland and Downtown.

• Rebuilding Fifth Avenue in West Oakland.”

My wife and I just moved into the uptown section of the city and can see two major developments going on within a half mile of our apartment…both in uptown. It’s great that companies that can do return on investment reports and measure demographics for residential projects think uptown is a great investment…but what is going to happen next? One of the things that made Lawrenceville so attractive when it started was the mix of residential and retail investment that could be made at low cost. There just isn’t enough small business investment going on in uptown…which hopefully changes soon.

Jess and I have also been looking at some potential real estate opportunities in the area that could be had at very little cost. A few that could be converted into large residences. There is so much opportunity that could be had in uptown.

Things have taken a weird turn recently. This post sat as a draft for about a month…because:

  • decided to not have a baby. That was a gut-wrenching decision.
  • Jess unfortunately got laid off from the company where we met.
  • We had to put our recently adopted cat, Cali to sleep.
  • we got a new family dog. here is a picture.

our English Toy Spaniel - Angel


Peter Case 5/24 at Club Cafe w/ Paul Luc – On Sale Now!

Peter Case
w/ Paul Luc
Direct Ticket Link:

Tickets on sale now!
Tix: $15.00 adv/dos
or in person at Dave’s Music Mine (Southside), and at Club Cafe during any event
Ages: 21+

Peter Case, founding member of the Nerves and leader of the Plimsouls, and the first troubadour of the post-punk era, returns with his first album of new songs since 2010’s Wig! The Nerves’1976 “Hanging on the Telephone” EP, its title song covered by Blondie, remains a classic and has earned the band a strong following of young fans around the world. The Plimsouls song “A Million Miles Away” is a power pop classic. Cases debut solo album, produced by T-Bone Burnett, earned him his first Grammy nomination and spearheaded a songwriter movement, now dubbed Americana. Twelve solo albums and two more Grammy nominations followed, including one for his 2007 album Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John.

All along, Case has continued to tour consistently. HWY 62, due out October 30, 2015, collects tales from his journey, and brilliantly encompasses every facet of his diverse and critically acclaimed career. Much like a travelogue, HWY 62 includes pieces of Americana, blues, pop, and folk – all anchored by Cases knack for creating the perfect hook.

My pittsburgh photography

On my previous site – which was on, I used to put a lot more of my cell phone photography. I’m going to use this page to showcase it. I think the individual posts that are still on this site take away from the site’s current mission.

Most of what you will see was taken with either with My Galaxy note 4 or my current phone – an LG v10.

I would like to eventually become a more professional-amateur photographer…if that makes any sense.

I’m going to list some of my favorite shots here…until I decide on a plugin.

Macy's clock downtown Pittsburgh
Macy’s clock downtown Pittsburgh










Jeff and Tami of Bricolage Theater
Jeff and Tami of downtown Pittsburgh’s Bricolage Theater







market square pittsburgh






A dusk view from Market Square in Pittsburgh.

our current apartment
I loved when the sun did this to our last Pittsburgh apartment.







the view from the Penn Garrison in downtown Pittsburgh
the view from the Penn Garrison in downtown Pittsburgh







downtown Pittsburgh from the US Steel Tower roof
downtown Pittsburgh from the roof of the US Steel Tower







Marley relaxing near my computer
Marley relaxing near my computer










looking up at the moon from PNC square in downtown pittsburgh
looking up at the moon from PNC square in downtown pittsburgh







the downtown pittsburgh convention center
the downtown pittsburgh convention center








Through A Looking Glass: Pittsburgh’s Untold Stories

FREE EVENT (FOOD! DRINKS!) hosted by BOOM Concepts, Jenesis Magazine, RADIANT HALL, and Thrival Festival. Part of Remake Learning Days.

Join us for an exploration of why art (in its many forms) is a fundamental lens through which communities can learn from one another.

Through a Looking Glass is a combination art exhibition, community discussion, and party that identifies and promotes under-represented stories through art conceptualized by Pittsburgh-based artists.

7:00 PM —
Art Exhibition: Maggie Negrete, Darnell Chambers, Derek Reese, Takara Canty, Julie Mallis, and DS Kinsel.

8:00 PM —
Panel conversation: DS Kinsel (moderator), Ryan Lammie, Thomas Jamison, Julie Mallis, Marita Garret, and Knowledge Build Hudson.

9:00 PM —
Party: FREE FOOD and DRINKS, “Make and Take” stations, and music by Christo Welch.