March 4 and 5: cool event in downtown Pittsburgh for @bricolagepgh

One of the best things about living in downtown Pittsburgh is the proximity to large and small cultural organizations. This quote is about a smaller, independent event that we love.

Living at our current apartment on Liberty Avenue gives us the opportunity to be near Bricolage Theater. Please make sure to visit their homepage at this link for information on their next season and the HUGE upcoming party BUS 11 to be held at the August Wilson Center. (picture credit for the August Wilson Center goes to WESA-FM thanks to Google)

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing two Bricolage directors – Tami Dixon and Jeffrey Carpenter. We talked for a while about the history of Bricolage, their artistic philosophy and details for the party.

This is a teaser clip. I’ll be adding more clips over the next few days.


additional clips about the Bricolage BUS 11 event:

They talk about their artistic philosophy in this clip. Have you been to their site or a production of theirs yet? I’ve never been inside the August Wilson Center…have you? It’s an awesome aspect of this party.

Here is another clip from Tami talking about how they try and challenge themselves through each season…trying to stay away from becoming predictable…

The best quote from mr. Carpenter from this clip about BUS 11 “…there is NO greater challenge for an artists” when he described the method that the artists use to get inspiration for the event.


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